PHD02 Hip Thruster Bench &Floor GHD

Improve your performance and add variety to your training with the Gympac Hip Thruster/Floor GHD Bench. Featuring a height adjustable seat and band pegs this product is designed to fit any person or any type of training regime. From resistance to strength training this product provides the perfect platform to help you build muscle, stability and prevent injury.

The Gympac Thruster/Floor GHD Bench can also be used within rehabilitation environments allowing the user to increase their resistance gradually without compromising form or obstructing their range of mobility and allowing for effective hamstring targeting without putting stress on the lower back.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Height Hip Thrust Pad
  • Adjustable Foot Supports
  • Movable Pads for Knee Support
  • Oversized Frame on Wheels/Stands Upright
  • 8 Band Pegs Per Side


Assembled Dimensions: L x W x H  (175 x 99 x 46 cm)

Weight: 63 kg

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