PHD01 Hip Thrust Bench

The Gympac Hip thrust bench are perfect for activating the glutes because they train them through hip extension which is the primary function of the glutes. The Gympac hip thrust bench can be used to perform glute exercises such as single-legged and regular barbell hip thrusts as well as Bulgarian split squats. This piece of premium resistance training equipment has been designed for athletes who are looking to develop a strong posterior chain which includes the glutes, hamstrings, and adductors.

Key Features:

  • Textured grip to keep your feet and posture secure.
  • Highly Durable padding
  • 7 band peg options
  • It can be used with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and more
  • The band pegs can be used in conjunction with resistance bands to add resistance to deadlifts and provide a new training stimulus


  • Materials:  Steel & High-density Foam
  • Assembled Dimensions:  148 x 94 x 33 cm
  • Product Weight:  46kg

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