PHD07 Glute Ham Developer

The GHD Glute Ham Developer facilitates a range of movements designed to strengthen and stabilize the core and posterior chain and accomplishes this better than any other tool on the market. Reverse your positioning on the glute ham developer to train your abdominals.

The Gympac GHD was engineered to be stable, durable and extremely easy to use. Efficient, no-frills design allows this GHD to perform at the highest level while still being affordable, easy to ship, and able to withstand the high-volume training demands of any large-scale facility or home gym.

Key Features:

  • Rear wheels for easy transportation
  • Adjustable footplate design for height and length adjustments
  • Smooth sliding mechanism for changing depth
  • Fast adjustment if working out with a partner
  • Thick and durable padding
  • Front band pegs for resistance work
  • Solid frame construction for extra stability
  • Steel endcaps on the footpads


Assembled Dimensions: L x W x H  (175 x 80 x 130 cm)

Weight: 48 kg

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