PHD08 Glute Ham Developer

Commercial Glute Ham Developer (GHD) PHD06

• Oversized Dual Pads and Foot Supports for Comfort and Muscle Isolation
• Quick-Release, Multi-Adjustable Length & Height Set-Up
• Power Band Pegs for Additional Power Training
• Support Handles For Reverse Hypers
• Commercial-Grade Steel, Powder Coated

The Gympac Commercial GHD covers a wide range of exercises:• Glute Ham Raises

• Support Handles on the footplate for Reverse Hypers

• Back Raises

• One Leg Glute Ham Raises

• One Leg Back Raises

• Side Bending Torso Rotations

• Russian Twists

• Power Band Supported Glute Ham Raises

• Power Band Supported Back Raises

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