PHD11 Reverse Hyper

The Reverse Hammer is two essential products for your home gym combined into one, at a fraction of the cost (and space) of when you buy those separately.

It is an all-in-one machine that enables athletes to perform any of the movements associated with either machine – glute ham raises, GHD sit-ups, back extensions, and reverse hyperextensions – with the same piece of equipment.

key Features:

  • Provide you with space-saving multipurpose workout equipment at a great price.
  • The Reverse Back Extension is an excellent movement for your lower back, glutes, and hamstrings that is very similar to a deadlift but without loading up your spine.
  • This commercial and home gym machine helps develop strength, power, and speed in the posterior chain. It’s easy to set up and adjust. Also saves floor space by combining two typically huge machines into one.


Assembled Dimensions: L x W x H  (190 x 119 x 106.50 cm)

Weight: 91 kg

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