Powerlifting Bar / 2000lb / Teflon Grip OBP20HB2

Our new Powerlifting Bar has been designed for the best and so meets IPF specifications. It’s the ideal choice for serious lifters and training spaces where accuracy, performance, and reliability are paramount.
This Powerlifting bar has been tested to a tensile strength of 215,000 psi and a yield strength. The bar has been constructed with high loading in mind, with a max capacity of 900kg. Alloy steel construction and hard chrome finish sleeve and Teflon Shaft make it an exceptionally good-looking barbell as well as being a top spec piece of equipment on the market.

A powerlifting barbell differs from an Olympic weightlifting barbell in that it is more rigid to better accommodate the heavier weights. Our power bar is 1mm thicker than the Olympic weightlifting bar and has slightly different markings on the bar. Power bars do not have needle bearing and instead have brass bushing as they don’t really need for the sleeves to spin so freely as they do on Olympic bars.

Material: Alloy Steel
Bushing: brass bushings x 4
Bar weight:20 KG
Diameter:29 mm
Length:86″/220 cm
Loadable sleeve length:16″/41 cm
Knurl:Multi and centre knurling
Shaft Coating:Teflon Coating
Sleeve coating:Hard Chrome
Tensile strength:215,000 PSI
Max Capacity: 2000 LBS/900 kgs

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