Men’s Bar /2000lb /QPQ Sleeve/ Teflon Grip OBM20B

Sleeves are fitted with internal C Clips, snap rings and screw lock caps to ensures dual fail safes for the keeping the bar secure under heavy loads.
Treated with a hard wearing QPQ finish Sleeve and Teflon Grip for improved feel and longevity.
Extremely high tensile strength rating of 246,000 PSI, making it one of the strongest bars on the market.
This is a very high end Olympic Lifting Bar with dual hand position markings. The sleeves are fitted with 10 bearings and Copper bushings to ensure smoothness and durability in any lifting environment.

Product Specifications:
— Bar Length: 2200mm (7 Ft 2 Inches)
— Sleeve Diameter: 50mm
— Shaft Diameter: 28mm
— Bar Weight: 20kg
— Tensile Strength: 246,000 psi
— Yield Strength: 236,900 psi
— Maximum Load: 2000LB (907Kg)
— Hand position markings for Crossfit, Functional Fitness, Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting
— Material: High Tensile Premium Grade Spring Steel
— Bushings: Premium Copper bushings
— Bearings: 10 Needle Bearings
— Treatment: QPQ Sleeve + Teflon Handle
— Colour of Handle: Different colours are available
— IWF Compliant

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