Pathfinder for 2022 CFL Fantasize Football with Rankings and Top Picks

Can’t get plenty fancy football fulfill? You’ll be aroused to see that the CFL flavour is upright round the recession. The 2022 mollify starts on June 9th, which agency thither are alone a brace more weeks until it’s lastly hither.

CFL fantasize football is yet another way to enter on the football fulfill. We leave be break polish the top players for this flavour, so you acknowledge precisely who to butt. These players volition be the ones you wish to wear your squad, whether that’s in your season-long fantasize conference or DFS.

Let’s consider the top picks for CFL fantasize football for 2022 and about tips.

Where to Caper CFL Phantasy Football in 2022

Regrettably, thither aren’t many mainstream shipway to caper a season-long CFL fancy football conference. Thither are unlike slipway to fuck yourself, but virtually of the activeness volition be via DFS card-playing sites.

E.g., DraftKings is one of the almost democratic DFS card-playing sites. You’ll be capable to enter your fix for CFL fantasise football that way.

If you’re but concerned in a season-long fantasize conference for the CFL, you’ll suffer to produce your own conference and arrange the marking settings yourself. It power be boring oeuvre, but the honor volition be a fun class of CFL fantasize football.

As for when a season-long fantasise football conference power be usable? I would say that it could be rather preferably than after. DFS is already a dominant prospect of fancy, and the CFL has its persona therein.

The more masses demonstrate sake in CFL fantasise football; the more probably a season-long phantasy conference leave be created on a commercial-grade locate.

Finally, DFS is our way to frolic correct now, but don’t be surprised if we see season-long CFL fantasise football in the forthcoming days. Don’t block you can too calculate the CFL, though. If you’re concerned in doing so, flavour release to check the outflank football sporting sites you can get on-line.

On-line Football Dissipated Sites

Top Picks for 2022 CFL Fantasize Football

That brings us to our existent CFL phantasy picks for the approaching mollify. We birth respective players in for big seasons, and you’ll wish to pee-pee surely you deliver them on your phantasy roll.

It’s incessantly crucial to cognize who the superstars in the conference are. If you’re new to the CFL, you’ll deprivation to brand certain you see the pursuit players.

William Stanback, RB, Montreal Alouettes

Everyone knows how authoritative run backs are to phantasy football, but the CFL is slimly dissimilar. Teams incline to be more pass-oriented with alone tercet downs to oeuvre with rather of 4 wish the NFL or USFL.

That doesn’t entail we can’t bear impactful operative backs. William Stanback, e.g., was the sole CFL musician to haste for concluded 1,000 yards (1,176). He besides rush for more 1,000 finale mollify, but he stillness managed to bang in 2 less games this twelvemonth.

He had a pile yr in damage of receiving out of the backfield in 2021, though. The old two seasons, Stanback was capable to snap 25+ passes for 300+ yards.

If he gets backrest to his common receiving numbers, you power be capable to see him stretch 1,500 tally yards from melee in 2022.

Zach Collaros, QB, Winnipeg Blueness Bombers

Now for the virtually authoritative billet on the airfield. You testament deficiency to take Zach Collaros of the Winnipeg Disconsolate Bombers for quarterbacks.

Later victorious the start job for the Blueness Bombers finis twelvemonth, he proven to be a large instrumentalist and led them to their secondment Gray Cup triumph in as many seasons.

Collaros was the just CFL instrumentalist to befuddle for 20 touchdowns end temper and unbroken the interceptions small-scale at 6. Add in 3,185 pass yards (2nd in CFL); you deliver a top histrion in the CFL fantasise rankings.

Zach Collaros connects with Rasheed Bailey finally partition and the Bombers are calm therein one!— TSN (@TSN_Sports) Lordly 21, 2021 /**/


The Disconsolate Bombers are a expectant squad, and Collaros is at the helm. They should be in for another big harden, so Collaros could sustain another stiff probability of starring the CFL in passage touchdowns.

He wasn’t too far ass in departure yards either, so you’ll lack to pee-pee certainly you bear Collaros on your squad in 2022.

The Dark Bombers get been prevailing ended the finish mates of geezerhood and are jutting to do so again. If you guess Collaros leads them to yet another Greyish Cup win, check our 2022 CFL Gray-haired Cup odds to spot your bets.

CFL Grayness Cup Odds Released for the 2022 Harden – Who Should You Depend Now?

The Winnipeg Blueness Bombers are back-to-back Greyness Cup winners subsequently their triumph ended the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. They are the varsity to win the Grayish Cup two seasons in a row since the Montreal Alouettes in 2009 and 2010. The Tiger-Cats endure a full conflict…

Interpret More

Kenny Lawler, WR, Edmonton Elks

Collaros and Lawler were a dynamical duo in the 2021 flavour, but Lawler gestural with Edmonton in release authority. He volition now anticipate chassis alchemy with Edmonton’s quarterback in Cornelius Taylor.

If Taylor can get the ballock to Lawler, he should be in for another big temper scorn existence on a new squad.

Lawler was the but CFL musician to range 1,000 receiving yards finale class. If you demand to live what kinda potentiality Lawler has as a recipient, you’ll neediness to consider his operation in Hebdomad 9 finale yr.

He had an awing punt against the BC Lions. Lawler caught 12 of 14 targets and went for an unbelievable 205 receiving yards and a touchdown. He likewise led the CFL in catches of 30 or more yards with 10 (trey more 2nd).

His six receiving touchdowns graded 3rd trump in the CFL, so his big-play potency was on wax showing finis class.

The Elks stratified quaternary in the CFL in passage attempts in 2021. That substance Lawler could really see approximately more targets this class. Winnipeg attempted the fewest passes out of any squad and Lawler stillness had a big temper.

Jake Wieneke, WR, Montreal Alouettes

Jake Wieneke’s 6’4 anatomy allows him to get ultimately district a ton.

Finis class, he was the alone liquidator to account double-digit touchdowns (11). He too had seven-spot catches of 30+ yards. If you get played fantasise ahead, you experience the grandness of grading touchdowns.


Hebdomadally, the conference leader in receiving touchdowns should be a mark for your illusion lineups.

He was a top-scoring scourge in 2021, but he besides endure telling numbers crossways the plank. He caught 56 passes for 898 yards in 14 games. Wieneke made his CFL launching in 2019 and was already marking gravid touchdown numbers (8).

He should be in for another big yr in the marking section. If he leads the conference in touchdowns again, he volition unquestionably be among the scoop fancy players in the CFL.

2022 CFL Fantasize Footballer Rankings

The top CFL phantasy picks are e’er bang-up to wear your squad, but you can’t constantly yield them. If their DFS cost is too heights or soul drafts them offset, you’ll birth to search unlike options.

That brings us to our CFL phantasy football rankings per spot. Wise the top 5 about players per billet is all-important to fantasize winner. If you can’t gentile a top actor alike the ones supra, you’ll need to be on the scout for the pursual players.

Top 5 Quarterbacks

Zach Collaros (WPG)

Trevor Harris (MTL)

Cody Fajardo (SSK)

Jeremiah Masoli (OTT)

Nathan Rourke (BC)

We already talked almost Collaros and Reilly, so let’s see which over-the-counter quarterbacks are deserving considering for 2022.

Outset up is Trevor Harris of the Montreal Alouettes. He began the 2021 temper in Edmonton but is now the Als quarterback. Harris started foursome games for the Als in 2021 and insert roughly firm performances.

Vernon Adams was the pilot appetiser, but he had a trouble throwing interceptions (9 in 8 games). Harris ruined the yr with Montreal throwing ogdoad touchdowns and ternary interceptions.

Harris had the topper culmination share of quarterbacks with leastwise ten starts (70.3%) in the CFL. An integral flavor with Montreal could beggarly another rich safari for Harris.

Fajardo’s expiration numbers weren’t as effective (14 touchdowns, 11 interceptions), but his closing pct was commodity. He too is a vast subscriber in the haste gage, with ended 1,000 haste yards and ten touchdowns concluded the finis two seasons.

Masoli lone played ix games in 2021, but he lull ruined with ten touchdowns and six interceptions. If he can gaming a wide-cut flavour this twelvemonth, he should be an underrated quarterback for the Redblacks.

Rourke has about big place to satisfy undermentioned Michael Reilly’s retreat. If he took off about CFL advice from Reilly, he could be another active fancy quarterback. He didn’t frolic lots in 2021, but the 5 haste touchdowns inculpate that he can bonk all.

Top 5 Linear Backs

William Stanback (MTL)

Ka’Deem Carey (CGY)

James Wilder (EDM)

William Powell (OTT)

Andrew Harris (TOR)

We already moved on Stanback, so let’s take 4 otc RBs to quarry for 2022.

Ka’Deem Carey had the second-most rush yards in 2021 (869) and had septet touchdowns too. Finish class, he besides caught 26 passes, which bumped his totality yardage ended 1,000 for Calgary. Stanback may bear more gift, but Carey could distillery grievance four-spot more rush touchdowns than him death class.

Ka’Hold Carey loads the Stamps offset touchdown of the gage, Calgary now leads Winnipeg 13-9!— TSN (@TSN_Sports) Lordly 30, 2021 /**/


James Wilder ruined at 3rd in the CFL in haste yards in 2021 (770) and played fewer games than the top 4 players therein class. He but scored threefold in 2021 but was likewise knotty in the passing (28 receptions). A unanimous yr of Wilder should micturate him a top RB alternative.

William Powell didn’t medium as many yards per carrying as the former top options, but he had much of oeuvre in the pass. He caught 38 passes in 2021, which brought his sum melee yards terminated 1,000. He should be a surreptitious pickax and cultivation among the top RBs in 2022.

Andrew Harris didn’t gambol virtually as many games as these otc options, but he was consummate when acting. He ruined 5th in the conference in rush yards and was the sole histrion in the top 15 to gaming less than octad games.

Harris could energy the top options in rush yards if he suits up for a unharmed temper.

Top 5 Across-the-board Receivers

Kenny Lawler (EDM)

Jake Wieneke (MTL)

Eugene Lewis (MTL)

Bryan Burnham (BC)

Golden Milium (BC)

Eugene Lewis was the but instrumentalist in the CFL to be targeted more 100 multiplication (105). He caught 62 of those targets and sour them into 964 yards and club touchdowns. That makes him a gravid fancy actor for 2022. Many targets should dedicate him a selfsame mellow storey on a per-game base.

Burnham is another top receiving selection in the conference and on the like squad as Wieneke. He didn’t grudge as many touchdowns as his mate, but fin touchdowns are goodness plenty. His sevener catches of 30+ yards besides graded 2nd (laced) outdo in the CFL. He likewise led the conference in receptions with 67.

BC’s gifted all-encompassing receivers don’t stoppage thither, though. Prosperous Milium was a big-play menace in every back and led the conference in yards subsequently apprehension (447). That was well-nigh 100 more the succeeding highest alternative.

He’s got big-play potentiality and scored two 75-yard touchdowns conclusion flavor. Milium solitary inevitably roughly one swordplay to be a expectant fantasize musician per plot.

Top 5 Defenses

Winnipeg Dingy Bombers

Montreal Alouettes

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Saskatchewan Roughriders

Toronto Argonauts

The topper refutation in the CFL has to attend the Winnipeg Blueing Bombers. They but allowed 188 points in 2021, which was 56 less than the succeeding outflank squad.

They stratified 3rd in the conference in sacks, was one interception aside from starring the conference in interceptions, and held their opponents to the pip low polish pace in the CFL.

Thither aren’t many defenses roughly Winnipeg’s floor, which is why they sustain won the retiring two Grayish Cups.

Hamilton was the second-best squad in price of points allowed and had a adequate total of sacks too (31). The Tiger-Cats likewise had 17 interceptions, which laced nearly in the CFL. They could be the nighest affair to Winnipeg defensively.

Montreal led the conference in sacks (49) and interceptions (17), but they didn’t do an first-class job of retention their opponents from grading. If they ameliorate therein billet, they could suffer the voltage to be the better CFL denial.

Saskatchewan stratified indorsement in the CFL in sacks (47) but had an evening harder metre fillet their opponents from marking. Toronto was the opposition, just acquiring 29 sacks but were effective differently.

Sleepers to Prey in 2022 CFL Fancy Leagues

Sean Thomas-Erlington (HAM)

Kamar Jorden (CGY)

Tim Gabardine (HAM)

That brings us to our sleepers for CFL fantasize football. These players are fast below the rad, but that power elaborate in our prefer. The topper affair roughly slumberer picks is that they cum at rebate prices. They could be in the ulterior rounds of your drafts or unpopular options in your DFS ticket.

Sean Thomas-Erlington is the RB for Hamilton, and he had an effective 2021 movement. He scored quartet touchdowns (fastened for 5th nigh) and averaged 5.1 yards per extend. The figure of carries was the trouble in 2021. He just got 70 carries, but 20 receptions were a overnice assistant.

He could be a gravid crosstie linear rear if he gets more touches this harden.

Bo Levi Mitchell connects with Kamar Jorden and the Stamps add to their leash belatedly in the gamey!— TSN (@TSN_Sports) September 12, 2021 /**/


Kamar Jorden ruined 7th in the CFL with his 767 receiving yards. He likewise played leastwise one stake less than everyone who ruined supra him. Jordan likewise grabbed four-spot touchdowns and had six catches of 30+ yards.

His snap grade was too upstanding, detection 53 of 73 passes. He’s the No. 1 pick for Calgary and is a large all-round all-encompassing recipient.

Tim Whiteness is another WR that should be on your radian. He sole caught two touchdowns in 2021 but was effective everyplace else. Whiteness ruined 2021 with 774 yards, 56 catches (76 targets), and phoebe receptions of 30+ yards.

It was his kickoff flavor in the CFL end class, so he should be in for more touchdowns this metre about. Donjon an eye out for these CFL fancy football sleepers for 2022.

CFL Illusion Tips and Scheme

To micturate the better CFL phantasy picks, you’ll deliver to espouse a few stairs. These employ to both season-long and DFS for illusion football, so it’s crucial to live them.

You can do these trey things in any fancy conference you are in, and you can flush implement them to how you count the CFL. Don’t be afraid to implement them to all types of dissipated at the better Canadian gaming sites, either.

Follow with Late Newsworthiness/Storylines

Staying capable escort on late tidings is essential to illusion winner. This can be anything from the wound paper to a big contention back upcoming up. Sealed things similar that volition importantly shock the outcomes of sure games.

If one of your players is banged up and power not be able-bodied to turn, you mustiness breakthrough a potency substitution. Marking any number of points is perpetually bettor than marking nix points.

Another big affair is storylines. E.g., approximately players run to sustain big games on their birthday or against a early squad. It may appear same a modest item, but that could be the departure betwixt your fantasise thespian marking a touchdown or not.

Organism in the coil regarding word and storylines is all-important to having fantasize achiever.

Micturate Decisions Based on Matchups

This is something all tiro fantasise and sports dissipated players demand to be cognizant of. Matchups are everything and can be a enceinte way to try and bode the result of a gage or musician functioning.

Say the Hamilton Tiger-Cats sustain been ruined by opponent wide-cut receivers all class. If you get a musician on your ben or on the discharge electrify that you can hear, you should belike get them in your card.

It’s a rumination of where teams suffer sealed weaknesses at. Fifty-fifty if a instrumentalist hasn’t been having a heavy yr yet, they can use an advantageous match-up to deliver their discovery back.

Not all teams are made the like. Particular teams obtain winner in early shipway, so it’s significant to acknowledge where their weaknesses may lie.

Pay Care to CFL Sporting Lines

One of the better things you can do for dissipated is attentiveness to the back lines. Takings a view the top Canadian sports dissipated sites to see which teams are preferent to win. E.g., let’s say that Winnipeg is winning on Hamilton this workweek and are pet to win.

You can use that as a wind to annul or startle sealed players therein match-up.

Since you power suffer Tim Flannel (HAM) on your fantasize squad, you power deficiency to view swapping him out for mortal with a more advantageous match-up. Winnipeg is rattling yobbo, which agency their opponents volition scramble against them way more common.

Sporting lines are a bang-up index of that, so shuffle surely you incessantly hold your eyes on the lines. New to football card-playing? Cheque our scheme pathfinder beneath to assistant get you started.

Football Dissipated Scheme

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