Urethane Olympic Plates OSP09

The Gympac Tri-Grip plates are covered in durable, high-quality Urethane, offering shock absorbance and long-lasting use. These weightlifting plates are ideal for compound movements such as deadlifts, bench press and squats. Compatible with Olympic barbells featuring a 2” (50mm) sleeve diameter. The reduced width of the Tri-Grip weight plates allows for more weight on the barbell for the advanced lifters.
Our Tri-Grip plates are available in a full spectrum of weights from 1.25kg-25kg. They are an ideal solution for plate loaded machines with their easy to manoeuvre handles, great for changing weights efficiently and safely in a busy gym environment. The high impact and shock absorbent rubber coating on the plates will be much kinder to your flooring than steel plates. The coated finish provides a more pleasing aesthetic finish over standard iron plates, helping your gym equipment selection to stand out.

Key Features:
— Plates suitable for use with 2” centre diameter Olympic weightlifting barbells, EZ bars, hammercurl and straight bars (smooth or threaded sleeves)
–Load more weight onto the barbell with the thinner plate design
— Cast iron plates encased in a commercial standard highly durable and tough CPU urethane
— CPU urethane coating offers a shock-absorbent and impact-resistant construction
— CPU Coating is much kinder to your flooring than standard steel plates
— Easy handing with cut out ergonomic grip handles on the plate
— Mix up your training and utilise the handle grip design with farmers walks, front raises, tricep extensions and more.
— Weight Tolerance – +/- 3%
— Not suitable for dropping

1.25kg: 30mm
2.5kg: 35mm
5kg: 36mm
10kg: 45mm
15kg: 48mm
20kg: 55mm

1.25kg: 161mm
2.5kg: 184mm
5kg: 275mm
10kg: 325mm
15kg: 370mm
20kg: 393mm

Available Weights – 1.25kg / 2.5kg / 5kg / 10kg / 15kg / 20kg / 25kg
Weight Tolerance – +/- 3%


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