GPC01 Squat Stand

Product description:

The stable construction made of square steel tubing with a wall diameter of 2.5mm can withstand almost any weight load. Two J-Hooks and two Safety Spotters enable safe training that is tailored to individual requirements. With a simple movement, J-hooks and spotters can be attached or removed from the 35 holes, enabling individual height adjustment in seconds. Both Safety Spotters feature a thick rubber bumper that cushions impact bars, dampening noise and preventing damage to the rack.

This power rack has also included four holders for storing weight plates with the device. All mounts can be placed according to your own preferences, have a clamping spring for secure attachment of the discs and are suitable for weight plates with a bore diameter of 31mm. There is also a pull-up bar on the upper cross bar with three different grip options and widths.

Properties & dimensions
simple plug-in system for quick height adjustment of J-hooks and safety spotters
Safety Spotter with rubber bumpers to reduce noise and protect against scratches
35 shots for J-Hooks and Safety Spotter
Wall thickness steel tube: 25mm
Complete powder coating as protection against corrosion and scratches
Pull-up bar with diagonal and horizontal grip options and three grip widths (100, 60 & 35 mm)
Weight holders suitable for weight plates with an inner diameter of 31 mm
max. load of the J-Hooks: 850 kg
Max. load of the Safety Spotter: 720 kg
Dimensions: 121 x 210 x 107 cm (WxHxD)
Main tube dimensions: 60 x 60 x 2 mm (WxDxmaterial thickness)
Length of Safety Spotter: 45 cm
Weight: about 55 kg

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