SB08 63″ Olympic Hex Trap Bar

The Gympac Hex Bar is great for all athletes, but especially those with back and joint issues as the distribution of weight is at hip level for hex bar squats and puts less stress on the back. Hex (Trap) Bars are also great for farmer carry, bent-over rows, shoulder shrugs, deadlifts, and more.

Key Features:
– 50mm diameter sleeves for Olympic weight plates
– 8 loadable sleeve space (excluding collar)
– Allows for a greater range of motion without infringing
– Olympic Hex Bar is ideal for shrugs, deadlifts, farmer’s walk
– Steel collars included securing weight plates

– Overall length: 142cm
– Sleeve Length: 25cm
– Handle to Handle: 62cm
– Weight Capacity: 800 lbs.
– Weight: 20 kg

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