PHD10 GHD- Hyper Combination Machine

The Gympac GHD- Hyper Combination Machine Lite is the ultimate solution to posterior-chain strengthening. It combines a classic GHD machine with a pendulum arm for reverse hyper exercises. This machine is designed for maximum functionality and safety for the user. Having the ability to adjust the hip pads, ankle pads, and lever arm allow athletes of every stature to perform a variety of exercises safely and properly. It fit for varsity weight rooms, sports performance facilities, commercial gyms, and military/civil service fitness centers.

Gympac GHD- Hyper Combination Machine  has adjustable hip pads. Six different hip angle options allow the exerciser to experience full muscle engagement when executing Glute-Hamstring Raises and performing hip extensions with the pendulum.

The eight adjustment points on the lever arm allow you to position the footplate as close as 22″ from the hip pads to 34.5″ from the hip pads. This great range accommodates exceptionally tall athletes as well as athletes of smaller stature, emphasizing proper body positioning on the machine. The pull-pin mechanism makes for quick and easy changes to keep the workout flowing smoothly.

GHD machines with fixed ankle pads may be riskier and less effective for smaller athletes to use because they are unable to secure their ankles in to place while performing posterior chain exercises.


Assembled Dimensions: L x W x H  (196 x 127 x 156 cm)

Weight: 138 kg

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