GFS01 Freestanding Rigs

Gympac Freestanding Rig is the perfect centerpiece for any gym!
We offer a number of customization options to meet your specific needs including custom bar lengths, post heights, and powder coat coloring on all of our rigs.
The basic version of our Rigs consists of vertical be
ams of the highest quality, profiles of 75 x 75 mm and 3 mm thick, which support the weight of the whole Rig. We have connected the rig with 1700 mm or 1100 mm bars and deepened with 1700 mm bars (they can also be modified at 1100 mm depth). The bars can be made in different ways (double bar, single bar, thicker bar, etc …). The vertical bearing columns of the Rig have holes of 25 mm in diameter, in order to allow any possible additions to the standard structure. The space between one hole and the other is 3 cm.
Combination of the oversized materials, matt wrinkle powder coated finish, laser-cut marked holes, and robot welds will create perfect Rigs for your Gyms!

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