EZ Curl Bar / Hard Chrome OB47

The Gympac PRO series Olympic hard chrome EZ Curl Bar is perfect for all styles of lifting, whether at home, studio or gym. This angled bar is designed to reduce stress on the forearm and provide a more comfortable grip while focusing on different bicep and tricep areas.
Rated to 320kg, it has 4 needle bearings and 2 brass bushes with dual clipped ends, silver hard chrome sleeves and standard dimensions for use with existing olympic plates, or Gympac bumpers and plates.
Designed for everyday use, the Gympac Olympic EZ Curl Bar will stand up to huge lifts with confidence.

— Bar Weight: 10kg
— Weight Rating: 700lbs
— Length: 1260mm
— Shaft Diameter: 28mm
— Sleeve length: 200mm
— Sleeve diameter: 50mm
— Shaft material: Alloy steel
— Shaft coating: Hard Chrome
— Sleeve coating: Hard Chrome
— Knurling: Fine, grippy
— 4 needle bearings & 2 brass bushes
— Double circlip end with endcap

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