Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates OPB05

The Gympac Crumb Bumper Plates are designed to withstand repeated dropping making them ideal for use in Olympic lifting, Powerlifting, Crossfit, and other heavy-duty weightlifting environments.
The Hi-Impact plates are slightly thicker than the traditional bumper plates (34mm – 98mm). Tested to a higher drop rate they are more durable and provide a more stable lifting platform even with lower weights on the bar.

Key Features:
Designed for Olympic lifting
Vulcanized rubber that will not break/ distort through high impact movements
Will not damage Olympic training platforms
Stainless steel inner ring allows for effortless loading on and off Olympic bars
Tested to 30,000 drops (15,20 & 25kg), 25,000 drops (10kg), 8000 drops (5kg)
Inner Diameter: 50.6(+/-0.2MM)
Colour: Black with colour fleck
Hardness: 65-75
Weight Tolerance: +/-0.3% of claimed weight

Available Weights, Width & Diameter:
25kg –  W 95mm D 450mm
20kg – W 85mm D 450mm
15kg – W 72mm D 450mm
10kg – W 50mm D 445mm
5kg –  W 30mm D 445mm

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